Solo Traveling – Itinerary for 6D6N Indochina (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam & Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Roughly 3 weeks before I start with my new work, I will be traveling in mid-June for 6 Days and 6 Nights in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Seam Reap, Cambodia alone.

ALONE – that word seems terrifying even for a twenty-seven-year-old girl like me. Despite years of traveling and crossing borders and continents on my own, the thought of being in a different country still stresses me out. What if I get lost? What if I get kidnapped? What if I eat something bad? The questions go on and on, but if there is one thing that motivates me despite those thoughts, it would be my constant search for adventure and culture….and food.

Since I would not have been working full-time for two months by the time I travel, I am aware that this trip will ultimately be on a tight budget. It will also be quite challenging considering that I prefer to book my own private room and CR instead of co-sharing my space in a hostel with a stranger.

So what would you do if you’re broke, unemployed (for a while), and still want a sense of adventure? Be strategic.

TIP #1: Set the Assumptions

First things first – the assumptions

  • Airfare – I booked a round-trip MNL-HCM ticket via Cebu Pacific (will be ditching the return leg, since my Cambodia trip is a spontaneous decision). For my Siem Reap-Manila trip, I will be using 13,100 points from my Cebu Pacific GetGo Account, and just pay $38 for fees. Yes, that is what you call having an emergency flight fund.
  • Hotel – Must have a private CR; swimming pool/spa (bonus requirement!)
  • Spa/Massages – 2 in Vietnam, 2 in Cambodia
  • Cooking Class – I am a nerd and I like going to all sorts of classes.

Without the fancy expenses, I challenged myself to come-up with a Php. 15,000 ($288) budget itinerary for this 6D6N trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. If you stick religiously to the basics, you might just spend around Php 13,600 ($261). However, should you opt for a dorm-style accommodation, you might even save Php 3,000 ($58) in accommodation and just spend about Php 1,500 – Php 2,000 ($28 – $38) throughout the trip, bringing your total expenses to even as low as Php 10,000 ($192).

You may score discounted accommodations/ hotels/hostels by signing-up in Sign-up through this link and get a $15 gift! Trust me, I was able to book a 4-star hotel in Cambodia for Php 618 ($12) a night! WHAT.A.STEAL.

Bliss Villa Hotel, Siem Reap Cambodia at $12 per night (Image from

TIP #2: Use a Credit Card

This may not probably be the best advice, but if you’re like me who is on a tight budget, prolonging your payments for 20 days or more by using your credit card might be an opportunity to buy those fancy expenses and pay for them once you get your paycheck. For this trip, I will be charging about Php 13,000 ($261) to my credit card for all the fancy expenses + airfare. In that way, I can have just enough cash and still earn points/miles for using my credit card.

TIP #3: Use (Stock) Dollar Bills / Other Currencies (if applicable)

If you’re like me who doesn’t immediately exchange foreign currency bills every after a trip, you might probably have accumulated thousands of Pesos inequivalent. I will not be in fact, withdrawing any money from my ATM for this trip. I will just use a few hundred US dollars from my previous USA trip plus a couple of HKD, NTD, and South Korean Won Bills.

So here is my Ultimate 6D6N Indochina (Vietnam/Cambodia) Itinerary. Feel free to use this as a guide or comment down below, should you have suggestions as well!

June 15

June 16

  • Bui Vien Walking Street
  • Ben Tanh Market
  • Saigon Square 1
  • Saigon M.O.M Cooking Class
  • Coffee Apartment
  • Bach Dang Harbor Garden
  • Nguyen Walking Street

June 17

June 18

  • City Tour (Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon, Saigon Central Post Office, Diamond Plaza, HCM City Hall, and City Opera House)
  • Massage
  • Bui Vien Walking Street

June 19

  • Mekong Bus to Siem Reap Cambodia
  • Angkor Night Market

June 20

June 21

  • Pool
  • Massage
  • Lotus Farm by Samatoa
  • Pub Street
  • Flight to Manila

Total Expenses: Php. 24,885 ($479)

Total Credit Card Transactions: Php. 15,403 ($296)

Total Expenses (Without Airfare / Other Fancy Expenses): Php. 14,999 ($288)

Total Cash Transactions: Php. 9,481 ($182) 

See you in Indochina!

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