South Korea Cherry Blossoms 2018-Part3

Day 4 – Hanboknam Experience, Seokchon Lake, Lotte World, Best Korean Barbeque in Dally So

Of course, a trip to South Korea wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a life of Korean monarch. Therefore, on our second to the last full day, we headed to the Changdeokgung Store in Hanboknam, near Anguk Station, where you could rent traditional and themed Korean hanboks.

Upon arriving at Hanboknam, we were given a locker to store all our valuables and belongings. Only bringing our cellphones and our sense of adventure, we headed to the showroom, where we chose our own outfits. What I like about this store, in particular, is the fact that they have sizes of all kinds, ranging from an Extra Small to a Double XL. In my case, aside from choosing my clothes, I also had my hair fixed, which was included in the package that we availed.

Sadly, we were not able to go to the Gyeongbokgung Palace because we forgot that the palace is closed every Tuesdays. You may opt to visit nearby palaces and such for free as well. We just got lazy and opted to just stay on the premises. Now that we were all set, we went outside for some photographs before proceeding to the building beside Hanbokham, which housed Korean-themed settings.

After getting a taste of Korean royalty, we headed to Seokchon Lake. Seokchon Lake is considered magical by tourists and citizens alike since the perimeter surrounding it is full of Cherry Blossom trees, and is just right across it is the Lotte World castle.

We headed to Lotte World Adventure, which was right beside Seokchon Lake. Since I’ve been to the Everland Theme Park twice, I decided to give Lotte World a try. Having purchased our 1-day passes from Klook, we entered through the South Entrance (near the Seokchon Lake area) and presented our vouchers. Lotte World Adventure is the largest indoor theme park, filled with thrilling rides, ice-rink, eateries, and more. The amusement park is divided into Lotte World Adventure, which is the main themed indoor area and the Magic Island next to Seokchon Lake.

To be honest, I prefer going to Everland for its greater number of parks and ride options. It houses a tulip garden during spring/summer and offers snow-sled rides during the winter. Nevertheless, Lotte World Adventure is still a great option, given its location just in the middle of Seoul.

Of course, our night would not be complete without crossing out a new barbeque joint from our food list. To cap our last full night in Seoul, we ate dinner at Dally So in Mapo-gu, Hongdae, and ordered this massive meat feast for only KRW 29,000. This is the half-set, and this is usually good for 3 hungry people.


Day 5 – Yeouido Hangang Park, Reminiscake Café, Incheon International Airport

As much as we didn’t want to leave, as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” The only thing we could do was to maximize the time we had left before flying back home.

After breakfast, we checked out and left our bags at the guesthouse, and headed to Yeouido Hangang Park. Since the Cherry Blossom trees were in the early stages of blooming when we arrived, we thought that we would still see them in full bloom. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as they had already finished blooming and were turning green. I initially had the idea of setting up a picnic under the cherry blossom trees, but maybe that could wait until our next visit.

Yeoudio Hangang Park is a recreational area frequented by people for bicycling, playing sports, hosting cultural events, and or eating under the Cherry blossom trees during spring.

We headed back to Hongdae to kill time before we go to the airport. We went to Reminiscake Café, a beach-themed and an Instagram-worthy café, and stayed there for about two hours. We ordered the iced chocolate drink and a delectable pumpkin cheesecake. Every corner of the café is perfect for your Instagram posts, so I would recommend you to try this place as well.

Finally, we proceeded to the Incheon International Airport, where after checking-in, we had dinner at the food court. Wanting to end our trip on a high note, we had Bibimbap for dinner, while observing a cute little Japanese baby from the table across ours.



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