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Welcome to SAM WHERE INTERESTING! This will be your ultimate guide to everything and everywhere!

My name is Sam. I am a twenty-something millennial and an MBA student, eager to reverse the traditional ‘travel by tours’ mentality. I hope to aid you in customizing your own travels – so it could be more economical, flexible, and designed to your interests.

It is my vision to become a full-time traveler soon – that someday I shall be able to quit working from 9 to 5, be a travel entrepreneur, and enjoy a substantial amount of passive income.

SAM WHERE INTERESTING is mainly a travel blog (and other stories in between), which caters to the millennial budget travelers. Similar to other travel blogs, it will showcase itineraries, travel tips, and hacks, but my mission is to write interesting articles that will serve as my readers’ guide in customizing and making their own itineraries. We may each have our own preferences as to where to go or to eat, but feel free to use this blog as your reference towards getting those stamps in your passports – on your own style!

I have three (3) rules when it comes to traveling.

(1) Exciting and Somewhere New – To be honest, I have never been a fan of going to temples, but I still visit one or two from time to time. I do love the city vibe – getting lost in the vast concrete jungle and admiring the breathtaking skyscrapers.

(2) Comfortable – Our accommodation has to have the basics: a comfortable bed and a decent toilet – even if it means staying in the middle of the forest!

(3) Within the budget – I have to be transparent that I don’t really go for the cheapest option when I design my itineraries. I usually try to be more cost-effective, meaning I never try to compromise quality over price. Within a set budget, I would still want to enjoy the best of both worlds! I don’t usually join ‘paid tours’ as these seem to be more expensive. But, I do join tours if it’s $10 (Php 520) and below or if it’s something I booked from discounted websites, such as Klook or KKDay. My travel itineraries are usually a combination of both DIY + Discounted Sites’ Tours.

So, come along with me as I start traveling around the globe! This will be an exciting journey and I hope that through this blog, I am able to share my thoughts and insights with you!

I am open to potential collaborations, partnerships, and sponsored posts. Should you be interested, please feel free to message me at samwhereinteresting@gmail.com